Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The First Maiming

...and far from the last.  Today's strip also introduces Ecstasy, yet another character I've been drawing since junior high.

Back in the day, when I was reading X-Men religiously, I contemplated the idea of an all-girl superhero team.  I'd already created Raine, and I think I may have been inspired to draw Ecstasy by a Jim Lee White Queen trading card.  Then I proceeded to create a bunch of other characters, mostly female, that were just stupid.  I think there may have been a girl called "Zap."  Most of them were just cheap knock-offs of heroes I was into at the time.

Anyway, as I started making the comic I slowly realized most of the characters were crap, and I killed most of them off by the end of the issue.  But I knew I was onto something, and then characters like Daemon were thrown into the mix, and Shanna / ShitKicker, who appeared the last couple strips.

Aiden's character actually came later, and went through a slew of different names, versions and levels of coolness before I settled on the pathetic, partially-albino pervert that you now see before you.  But he became the most fun to write for, and somehow ended up the protagonist.
A few other characters of mine survived those early stages, and will definitely be making appearances as students of Super U.  

And of course, a good deal of the characters that aren't parodies that will wind up in the strip came from role-playing. In fact, the comic is heavily-based off of one of the last games I ever ran.

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