Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Walters Files: Scumbag

Scumbag is one of the newer characters in the lineup.  My obvious inspirations for Scumbag are Johnny Napalm (I think his name was) from Guitar Hero and, more awesomely, Vivian from the Young Ones.  I have lots of cool plans for Scumbag concerning his powers and background, but, for now, I'm holding those cards close to the vest.
A while ago, when I was making comics and stuff with my primary characters, I asked myself, "Why do superhero teams always live together?"  Honestly, I think the real reason they often do is because it's convenient for the writer.  I came up with the idea that my characters were in a band together, were broke, and had to live and travel together.  It made me reconsider and slim up my character roster (because some characters simply didn't fit the concept), and some characters were essentially "combined" to form Scumbag, just as I did with Aiden.
Well, that idea was short-lived, but Scumbag survived the process, and now he lives on at Super U.