Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Movies, Updated News

Hey guys!

According to Facebook, there's a couple new people following the site.  Welcome!  Glad to have you.

Two more movies for your enjoyment.  If you subscribed to the Super U-Tube Channel, you got to see them last night!  Also, there are new Raine stickers at the Super U. Store.  If you don't see all 8 products in there, click on a link that says "View All Products."  For some reason the site is real awkward about what it chooses to display.

Stuff in the store is kind of expensive, but please keep in mind that A.) I only make a small portion of the profit off of it; Zazzle's gotta make their money, too, and B.) you aren't really buying stuff because it's a T-shirt worth 31 dollars, you're supporting me and my broke, unemployed ass and the comic strip that I do!  The merchandise is just a little incentive, you know?

If there is anything, anything, you'd like to see at the store for purchase, let me know.  It is ridiculously easy for me to make new merch to put up.  There are more than just stickers and shirts, too; check out the Zazzle homepage if you want to know what sorts of things they offer.
Otherwise, I'm going to take a break on the store for a while, so I can start putting my focus on putting a book together.

And if the merch isn't really your thing, you can donate directly by that link up there, or, better yet, request commission artwork from me.  You can leave a message about your commission with your donation, or you can just contact me directly.

(Man, constantly having to market yourself sucks.  Sorry, to bombard you with this junk.)