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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breakin' Two

Poor Breakdown.  He takes a lot of crap, almost as much as Aiden.  But... I don't think he'll be taking it anymore after this.

He looks silly in that tiny desk, though.

The Super University, you may have figured out, is just a repurposed "X-Mansion," or, rather, a repurposed Raven Institute as suggested by Jason.  But I can't help to sometimes draw things the way I remember them from my highschool, like those desks, for example.  While they were fine for us, they'd be considerably less so for a large person like Breakdown.  
I haven't drawn Trash sitting at a desk yet.  It would be physically impossible.  He probably just sits on the crushed remnants of a desk in every class.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm totally happy with the way I ripped off Jack Kirby's "Kirby dots" in that first panel.  Also, Dean Clobber's nose in that third panel.  Man, what a great nose I drew.

Looks like Aiden's mom and SuperDude sent out that memo.  This can only spell mo' problems for our protagonist.  Really though, his troubles are only just beginning...

*cues foreboding music*

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Break It Down

This situation is not going to end well.

Can you believe Chapter 4 is already halfway through?  I gotta sit down and script out the rest of it so I can make sure there's room for all the cool things I still want to do!  There's lots more in store for the rest of Chapter 4!™  
But first, Aiden just has to get through the rest of the school day!