Monday, January 9, 2017

A Brand New Endeavor

I've risen from the grave to tell you about my new comic, Ariador, which you can find on the world wide webernet at at least until I cough up the money to get a better URL.  If there are any of my old readers who managed to get that subscribe function to work, you may be looking at this now and wondering "what the hell was this?" and "why am I receiving this?" and I'm here to tell you that you should read the new comic because it's vastly different than Super U. but you'll like it anyway.
Long story short, I went for too long without stretching my artist muscles and flexing my writing brain and I'm having another go at it.  There's even a (ugh) Facebook page for it, but I'm not ambitious enough to link to that right now.
So check it out, and tell me what you think!  Just don't tell me here, because I will never see it.

Thanks for your support!