Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Walters Files: Chance

Chance is one of my favorite characters.  He's the most "ordinary" student in just about every way, and comes off the least "hero-like" among all of his peers.  He maybe doesn't have aspirations to don a cape and cowl anytime soon, but he knows he belongs at Super U. nonetheless. 
He was a prominent NPC in the role-playing game that many of the ideas for Super U. spawned from.  That game actually took place in the near future, but since my biggest influences in comics came from the 90's, in that game-world people were enjoying a resurgence of 90's culture, in much the same way the 70's and and 80's have come back for us.  I mean, just look at that hairstyle.  And he's not the only character, either.  Look at Raine's ridiculous small jacket.  That was a trend I enjoyed, actually; characters in skin-tight spandex, sporting a useless small jacket over it for no goddamn reason.
If you can narrow down the characters in Super U. that are the "main characters," Chance would be one of them.  He'll be one to watch as the comic progresses.