Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Walters Files: Ecstasy

The first character I created that I latched onto was Raine.  The second one I eventually ditched (Scumbag took his place), but the third one was Ecstasy.  Ecstasy's creation marked the change in my original comic from a story about Raine to a super-team story, no doubt due to my obsession with X-Men.  I created Ecstasy based off of a Jim Lee White Queen trading card (hence the skimpy outfit).  She was the leader of the team that eventually drafted Raine.  I never got very far with that incarnation of the comic, but I'd always intended for Ecstasy to eventually become the Hank McCoy of the team; At one point she was even going to construct a robotic teammate.
I had to re-imagine her look slightly for Super U., because I needed to make her younger to fit into the college setting.
It's easy to write her off as the eye candy of Super U., and it's even more difficult to flesh her out beyond that in a parody / comedy setting, but if I get to the point in Super U. where I can really show you all the sides of these characters, I hope you'll discover Maria's actually very complex.

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