Monday, September 16, 2013

The Long and Short of It

Holy Wall of Text, Batman!  Sorry I got kind of verbose on this one.  Couldn't really be helped; just like last time Aiden and Daemon had this conversation, there was a lot to say, and it was difficult to fit all of that information into a few tiny panels.

After receiving my copy of my book (which is for sale!!!), I was elated to see my stuff in print, but I was also kicking myself, because some of the text was just too small.  Since I've begun Chapter 3, I've tried to remain aware of that, and I've kept my font at a larger size.  I've also kept all of my strips the same height and length, at least so far, which in hindsight seems like the obvious thing to do.  I'm planning on doing another book after the end of Chapter 4... whenever that is.

I got my first payment from book-sales.  I want to thank all of you SO much who went and bought one.  Your support means everything to me.  Now, if I get about four more of those, I'll have broken even!  Wahoo!

I did a couple gigs for my old job recently, which earned me a good chunk of change... and ended up being the exact amount I had to turn around and put right back into car-repair.  Whenever I do a caricature gig, they bring me an easel, because they want us to use a particular kind that costs around $75.  This last time they gave me a hard time about it, and shortly afterward I got an e-mail asking me to go out and get one.  I told them no, because I already have one (it just isn't the right type), and besides, I don't work with them anymore, and when they pull me out of the woodwork to do a job, I'm basically doing them a favor.  I haven't heard anything back since then, so I guess I probably burned that bridge.  Oh well.  Sorry, but there are like fifty things I need desperately to buy before I go out and buy a second easel.  And not even fun things, either.

Anywhoo, you know the drill by now.  Please share the comic with your friends on your social media of choice.  Anyway you can help keep this train rolling is much appreciated.