Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Walters Files: The Red Ring

I used a Green Lantern character in the RPG, but I drastically changed him for this comic.  First of all, he originally looked too much like how I currently draw Daemon, with a dark suit, short black hair and a goatee.  And since this is a parody comic, I wanted a gimmick.  The "Red Ring" motif, in case you couldn't tell, comes from the "red rings of death" phenomenon many X-Box users experienced when their systems died.  Being a Playstation fan, I couldn't pass the opportunity to poke a little fun at Microsoft.  I mean, Red Ring's symbol is actually the red ring of death.
Red Ring is a pretty minor character in the grand scheme of things.  Recently I hooked him up with Hydro.  I promise, though, that the "red ring" idea initially had no allusion toward sphincters, though now I am finding the whole thing ironic and humorous.