Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Walters Files: William Tell

He's only been a sight gag thus far, but I'm sure I'll find some clever things to do with him eventually.  Or I won't.
There are two electives available to the freshman (and only) class of Super U., and Tell teaches one of them.  There aren't many students interested in learning archery,so Tell's nearly useless as a faculty member.
Obviously he's the Green Arrow of the Super U-niverse, but he's the Hawkeye, too, so I tried to have his outfit reflect both of them.
Jason racked his brain to come up with original origins for the faculty, and it was he who decided that, "Hey, why can't William Tell actually just be William Tell?"  I was fine with that, and hence we have the Archery and Marksmanship teacher.

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