Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Walters Files: Conjuressa

I needed somebody who was magical for the strip, and since my focus relies pretty heavily on JLA and Avengers parodies, I decided on a Scarlet Witch / Zatanna.  I don't have many plans for Conjuressa beyond a few funny gags in mind, but outfit aside, I like the look I came up with for her.  I imagine her looking perpetually nervous and bewildered most of the time, like her grasp of what's real is slowly melting away.  I think I was also ever-so-slightly influenced by Paul Kidby's take on the Discworld character Magrat.
The name Conjuressa I took from a minor villain character I used in the original RPG. 
Conjuressa looks a bit too much like Scarlet Witch, I think.  I added some nylon aspects to her outfit as an homage to Zatanna.  I would have done fishnet, but that's a bitch to draw in Illustrator. 

It's my understanding that Batman and Zatanna have / had a bit of thing.  I think it might be ridiculously funny to pursue something alone those lines with Walters and Conjuressa, or more likely, to reveal that there was "something going on" between them in the past.

Kudos to Jason for coming up with an interesting origin for her, and for coming up with Sham'bala and the other mystic cities.  Have you read his description of Carcass on the SSS?  It's good stuff.


  1. In the DC animated universe batman trained under her father to learn how to be an escape artist. They were friends with hinted romantic feelings never acted on. fast forward to when they are both heroes they continue their friendship with out any romance. Could Walter have had a reason to pursue training in Sham'bala, perhaps learning defenses against magical attacks.

  2. Wow, yay! Comments from people I don't personally know! Thanks so much for reading!

    In Super U., Walters is the retired dark hero who's already seen it all and done it all. It can be assumed he did at some point train in Sham'bala just as you said, just like one can assume Batman is amazing at pretty much everything.