Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spiritorum Awayos

It occurred to me I have characters I haven't used since Chapter 1, Conjuressa, the magic teacher, being one of them.  Even then, at the time, she was just a sight gag.  I'll have to do a Walters File for her pretty soon.  Of course, if you're interested in her background, or any teacher's for that matter, you can always head over to the SSS and look up their name in the tag cloud.  And if there's ever a character you'd like to see all the strips he or she is present in here at Super U., just click on their label below any post they're in (or go to their Walters File and find their label there).

I doubt I need to prove how much of a geek I am, but here's another example: not only have I created fictional elective classes for my fictional students, but I put some thought into which students would take Comprehension of the Arcane Arts, which students would take Archery and Marksmanship and which students didn't give a crap about either one of those classes and elected to take nothing at all during their 7th period.

At least once per chapter, I like to take you through a typical day at Super U., class by class.  The last several strips have reflected the students' classes, in order.  That said, the next class should be World History with The Commander, but I'm gonna have to skip that one this time around because I've been chomping at the bit to get to 9th period, which is Combat Education with Mr. Walters.  
Now that Birdo and E.P.I.C. are dead, and Bobby Rocket's in jail, Mr. Walters is going to have to make further adjustments to the Combat Education teams.  SPOILER: It still won't go well for Aiden.

There's another reason I need to skip it, too.  See, this strip here is #98, which means I've almost hit my 100th strip.  And there's something special I want to do.