Friday, January 24, 2014

The Walters Files: Doorway

I'm still on hiatus, but I was reorganizing the site yesterday (I separated the students and the staff Walters Files into their own sections), I remembered that I still had one more to do.  Doorway is a minor character, but I still think she's pretty cool.  In a different sort of comic, I feel like she could really hold her own as a character.

But that's it, though!  There's a character bio for every student now, except Bobby Rocket, but (SPOILERS) he was meant to be a thug in the employ of Rex Ruthless from the beginning, and he's already in supervillain jail, so I don't even think it'd be appropriate to do one for him at this point.  All the staff's done, too.  Well, except for King Hrölf, but I haven't even used him yet!

As for a hiatus update, I'm thinking it's going to be over pretty soon.  I've gotten some things down on paper and I've found a bit of inspiration to continue on.  At the very least, I'd like to complete Chapter 4, so I can compile Chapters 3 and 4 into a book.

Thanks for your patience, and for your support.  And do me a solid and leave comments!  It reminds me that people are reading my stuff, and I could use the ego boost / constructive criticism.