Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Walters Files: Frost

I wanted to insert some humor into this one, but I ran out of room.  Walters would have went on to say the other reason he made her a team leader would be to force her into a role of responsibility, because as a leader she would be forced to think about and care for others.  But, you know, it would have been done in the Walters-style, so it would have been blunt.

Frost is a character I conceived for an RPG way back in the day, and she went on to become one of my more popular NPC's.  She really evolved and came into her own as a character.  The Frost featured in the comic at the moment is as she was in the beginning: kind of stuck-up, frigid and not overly tough.  I'm anxious to grow her as a character as the strip continues.