Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Update, and a Book Preview!

Hey guys,

See that new vote-box up there?  On the top left?  I listed Super U. on the Top Webcomics website.  They showcase the "top" 100 webcomics, as voted by people who vote on these things.  Currently, Super U. is somewhere in the 16,000's, heh, but we can change that!  You can actually vote for Super U. every day!  It only takes a few seconds.

Anyway, the book cover is done!  And, because I like you so much, here's what the cover is going to look like!  Click to enlargify.

There a are a couple small tweaks that need to be done, but otherwise it's good to go!  I just have to format it to the book tonight.  After that, I'm going to pre-order a copy (to make sure it's all good), and if that goes well, the book will go up for sale!  I'll keep you posted.

Also, new movies just below this post!  There are only 9 more movies, and then Chapter 3 begins!