Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Walters Files: Daemon

I came up with Daemon in 7th or 8th grade.  I modeled him after the "stranger" that you see on signs in neighborhood watch communities.  He used to have a fedora.  I also sometimes drew him with long dark brown hair that you normally couldn't see because of his hat and coat.  I altered his face a bit for this comic to make him younger-looking and to more closely resemble Aiden.  
My favorite part about Daemon is the things he can do with his coat of pure darkness.  I'm looking forward to doing more with it as the story continues.
Daemon's a fun character because his true nature defies his drunken demeanor.  Deep down he's a man who cares deeply for his family and goes to great lengths to keep them together.  But he's rarely sober, in part due to the fact that after being alive for hundreds of years, he's essentially bored and passes the time boozing, knowing full well his body will regenerate any damage caused by his mass consumption.  There's more to his habit than that, but I'm saving that for the story.