Thursday, May 2, 2013

Art of Distraction

I had some good numbers from Facebook last week, and I want to thank everyone for helping me get the word out.  I'm also getting a fair amount of Project Wonderful redirects, so welcome all you new potential Super U. fans, thanks for coming, and I hope you like what you see.

Being that this is the 69th strip, I decided to continue the "naughtiness" from last week.  Naturally, that means this strip had to feature Ecstasy.  

I think I mentioned this before, but I created Ecstasy in 7th grade solely based off of a White Queen trading card.  In the incarnation of my comic at the time (I think that one made it to about 11 pages), the central characters formed a super-group, and Ecstasy was their leader.  She hasn't changed much since then, with the exception that now she's in a parody universe, so she has to be funny.

There was going to a be an android member of the team back then, and I was going to have Ecstasy be the one who built it.  I also used to draw her with mechanical bladed gauntlets on her forearms that she focused her electricity powers through, and she had made those, too.  I like the dichotomy of a very intelligent female character who hides it behind overt sexuality.  She's more complicated than she seems, but I'll get into some of that a bit more when it's her turn to have a Walters File.

Also, this is the first time I've really featured Spectacular, the instructor, aside from a few cameos.  I like to draw him like a huge creep, and anyone who's kept up with Jason's stories knows that he certainly is one.

Are you guys watching Strip Search at Penny Arcade yet?  I wasn't expecting that shit when Amy got eliminated.  I kind of had her pegged as the one who was going to win.  I hope they kick Abby's butt off the show this Friday.  She seems like a fun person, and her stuff certainly isn't garbage, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't have been the first one to go.  I know they likely won't do the same thing twice, but I'm kind of hoping they bring Nick back.  I also kind of think Tavis might win it all.  He seems to be the fan favorite.  I've checked out his strips, and I'm not impressed, despite that fact the most of his stuff I've seen outside the strips has been pretty damn good... with the exception of the hands and arms he draws.  They drive me insane.  Yeah, I'm just a little bit hooked on this show.