Wednesday, July 18, 2012

He's Got the Kung Fu

So, the game-plan is falling into place. 

Super U., until further notice, will continue to be posted here on Blogspot, as will Jason's Saturday Super Stories. 
Animatics of each strip will be posted on YouTube on the Super U. Channel, and hopefully you'll think they're cool enough to subscribe to it.
I'm going to submit Super U. to Comic Genesis and Drunk Duck as well, two webcomic hosting sites. 
One of the longer-term goals is to get the strip up on KeenSpot, which is probably the primo place to get it published, but they're not currently accepting submissions, and honestly, they're still out of my league.  But they operate Comic Genesis, and so the hope is that if it does well there, maybe they'll consider Super U. for KeenSpot in the future.

A dedicated website is still in the plans, but I'm going to start with the above first and see how things go.  Other long-term plans include posting a new strip three times a week.  In the near future, I'd like to make actual, physical books of each chapter available for purchase, and from there, who knows?  Guest spots? Commissions?  Prints?  T-shirts?

I'll keep posting links on Facebook and Google+ to this site, and occasionally to some of the others, as I think most of you reading this now will probably prefer Blogspot.  Posting on the webcomic sites will be my attempt to have Super U. reach a broader audience outside of the Facebook circle.

There's only two more strips until the "hiatus," but don't forget during that time, while I'm establishing Super U. on these other sites, I'll keep posting animatics to Youtube and be linking them to Facebook and stuff.  The first "chapter" ends then, anyway, so it's as good a time as any to take a step back and re-familiarize ourselves with what has transpired so far.

Again, much love to my readers!  Your support is what is going to keep this train chug-a-lugging.

Share/Like/Join, and thanks.