Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fairy Fetish

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.  We did ours yesterday, since I'll be working on the actual holiday.  Turned out great.  That is, after dropping the pumpkin pie all over the inside of the oven and having to rush back out to the store and buy all the stuff again (after having just been to the store). 

Decided to keep a low profile this holiday season.  Not going with the fam anywhere for Christmas, and trying to just buy stuff for the nieces and nephews and my kid (and maybe my wife, if she's good).  Admittedly, I seem to get overwhelmed with stress and depression every holiday season these days, but this time there's another reason for the scaling back, and that is I need to have the money to be able fly home at the drop of a hat if my grandpa's illness takes a turn for the worse. 
Normally I don't try to burden this blog with personal problems, but I thought I had better give you a heads up, in case there suddenly ceases to be Super U. for a week or two or whatever.

I'm kind of bummed about this Kevin Clash / Elmo / gay pedophile thing.  I hope it isn't true, but it probably is.  And so close to the death of Martin Robinson (who did Telly and Snuffy, among others)... things aren't looking so hot for Sesame Street.  I just hope the ultra-conservative don't get to use this as the push they need to get federal funding for PBS axed.
My kid still isn't in school, and I'm not much of a teacher.  So I attribute most of her knowledge to educational programming that is actually entertaining enough kids want to watch it... something that, generally, only PBS can do well.

If you've got a PS3, and you're not on PSplus yet, you're missing out.  It took a bit, but now it's amazing how completely worth it the price is.  There are so many good games for free available now, you'll get your money's worth three times over.

I'm soliciting for Playstation Network cards this holiday season. 

By the way, there's only like two or three more strips like this before I move on.  I haven't gotten much feedback from ya'll about how much you've enjoyed / despised the hand-drawn stuff or the storyline.  So hook it up with the feedback, son.