Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Empress of Wintermoor

Next week is the last one of these.  I hope you've enjoyed them.  After that, it's business as usual.

It dawned on me after having my anti-Facebook hissy fit and deleting everyone on my friends list (I couldn't just outright deactivate my account because I use it for work) that people couldn't see when I was posting links to the new comic anymore.  I had assumed that if someone "Liked" the Super U. Facebook page, they would be getting the links, but for some reason this wasn't happening.  I mean, stuff that I simpy "Liked" shows up on my news feed constantly, so why wouldn't it?  Your guess is as good as mine.

I won't get into all the crap behind my decision (and subsequent flip-flop of that decision) to ditch Facebook, but here's a funny interchange that happened to me recently that may shed some light.  (And by funny, I mean depressing.)

Person: "Hey, what happened to you on Facebook?"
Me: "I deleted everybody, but I think I screwed myself because now they can't see links to the comic."
Person: "Are you still doing the comic?"
Me: "Yeah.  You might not be able to see links to it anymore, but you can always just check the webpage on Wednesdays."
Person: "There's a webpage?"

Anyway, so I "refriended" a bunch of people, a lot of whom I know read and share the comic.  For those of you who've been missing out, please check out the Archive on the left over there to get yourselves caught up.  I imagine for a lot of people just returning to Super U., they're probably a bit confused.  Hand-drawn art, barbarians, hands have four fingers and a thumb instead of three fingers and a thumb...

I've been back and forth on the four fingers thing.  When I first started Super U., I was going with a more cartoony style that was supposed to, in theory, be quicker to draw so I could eventually be fast enough to put these out multiple times a week.  But as I continued to draw the comic, the comic book artist in me, and not the cartoonist, has been fighting for dominance.  This has means I still haven't been putting them out any faster a year later, but overall I'm happier with the quality of the material. 

Yeah, that's right, Super U. celebrated it's year anniversary in November.  Kinda cool.

General feedback suggests you guys like the hand-drawn stuff, and you like the more comic book-y look.  I do still think I will continue to work in Adobe Illustrator (or something along those lines) in the future, mostly because I like how crisp and animated the final product appears, but we shall see. 

There are several downsides to going fully hand-drawn, one of which being the money I need to put into supplies, and another being drawing one panel one night, and then another panel much later on a different sheet of paper but not having your first panel with you at the time, so you wing it and end up with glaring inconsistencies that most people won't notice but will drive you crazy every time you look at it, yet you don't have the time to change it because you're trying to meet your deadline, and it's not like you can really work on it at the house anyway when your kid wants to be all up in your business.

Anyway, as always, please share with your unsuspecting friends, and don't forget to "Like" the webpage by clicking that Facebook "Like Box" over there, or +1 if you do the Google.  You can also join the site as a member if you have a Google, and you can sign up to receive e-mail notifications when the site updates.  These things are not new.