Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prodigal Son

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Hey, welcome to the very first Tuesday edition of Super U.!  There's a fair amount of new traffic to the site, so you may not be aware that this strip formerly only updated on Wednesdays.  But starting this week, the strips are going to start running on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  Rejoice!  And if you are new to the site, you can catch up by going to the Archives over there, or, even better, watching all of Chapter One in movie-form on the Super U. YouTube Channel!  Thanks for coming!

I'm not entirely sure why I gave props to the Rage Face in this week's strip.  I don't really even like that shit.  Well, except the Troll Guy.  That guy's pretty cool.

The ad campaign seems to be working well.  For example, apparently, I now have more Russian people coming to the site than Canadians.  Crazy, right?  I just may have to add a translate button.  I ended up trimming the campaign down to save expenses, and for now I'm only being advertised on 6 different sites, but each of those sites has been getting Super U. a lot of visibility.

Snap!  Have you seen that DLC that came out for Mass Effect 3 on March 5th?  I highly recommend it.  The actual story mission that accompanies it is pretty short, but all the bells and whistles make it worth it all by themselves.  Arena fighting games, throwing highly-amusing parties, lots of additional dialogue and interaction with characters from across the entire trilogy... not to mention an arcade full of mini-games that I haven't even tried out yet.
Something about the Mass Effect trilogy always gives the impression of infinite playability, but with this new DLC, that impression is more fully-realized than it has been before.