Thursday, May 16, 2013

Archrival - Part 1

This is the first strip of six that ends in the conclusion of Chapter 2.  There's going to be a big change of pace and a difference in atmosphere going on here, and I really hope you all enjoy them just as much.

I'm trying to find ways to shave time off my drawing, so I tried a trick in the second panel that I've seen done in comics like Penny Arcade and PVP.  I don't think it worked out too well actually, but I'm not giving up on it yet; I'll keep toying with ideas to see what works.

So, one of the artists on Strip Search just wrapped up a month-long Kickstarter campaign, in which the result was she made over $86,000 to make a webcomic.  To me this is both awe-inspiring and makes me very sad.  Granted, she had the bonus of having a strong following because of the show, but when you think about the fact that she had just over 1,000 backers, well... I mean, realistically I could get 1,000 followers without the benefit of a reality show, couldn't I?
Kickstarting is something I plan to do in the future, but as of right now I simply don't think anyone would back me.  Ideally I'd first like to have a stronger fan-base to appeal to, but getting to that point has been very difficult.  I need new marketing tricks.

When Chapter 2 comes to a close, I'm going to be just as busy with the comic, if not more so.  I'll be working on improving the Super U-Tube movies and finding ways to monetize them.  I'll be teaching myself a new art program.  I'll be working on compiling Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 into book form, so that when it comes time to start setting up at conventions, I'll actually have some shit to sell.  Oh yeah, and I'll be writing Chapter 3.  
But just like the last "hiatus," I'll be posting new content at least twice a week, and this time I'll continue putting up new Walters Files on Saturdays as well.  I won't leave ya'll hangin.'