Thursday, June 13, 2013

Introducing the Super U. Store!

Wow, I got a lot of stuff done yesterday.  
- Two more movies, which I'll be posting shortly.  These movies are turning out so much cooler than last chapter's.
- I made and purchased business cards.  They have a barcode on them you can scan with your phone that takes you right to the site.

- I altered the site a little bit, including a smaller logo and a new logo.
- And, most importantly, the Super U. Store is open for business.  Just a shirt and a couple of stickers up right now, but expect to see more in the near future.  I'll also take suggestions!  Currently I'm thinking T-shirts and stickers, but there's all kinds of stuff I can offer, so let me know what kind of swag you're interested in.  Jason mentioned I should do some homage t-shirts, like famous comic covers, only with Super U. characters.  That could be pretty cool.

I actually had another shirt up there, but they took it down because supposedly it was infringing on somebody's rights.  The real kicker is the infringing portion in question, I think, was my new logo.

The only possible explanation I can come up for this is that there's a chain of gas stations in France or some shit called Super U's.  Obviously I didn't know this at the time... I only called the site this because somebody else already took Super University (don't bother to go there, though, it's fucking awful).  Ironic, though, that my other shirt got left up, with the same logo only in black.
The shirt had this on the front.  I rather liked it.

Anyhoo, the more of this stuff I get knocked out soon, the more time I'm going to have to focus on compiling actual physical books of strips together and to learn Manga Studio.  There's also the possibility I might buy my way into my first con this October.

So... please, if you like the comic (or if you don't), show your support and donate or buy some merch, or let me know what kind of merch you would buy and I can make it and then you can buy that.  This is personally my only potential source of income, it's my dream, and at the moment my profits from Super U. are somewhere around negative $250.  I'm not trying to guilt trip you, but... well, okay.  Yes, I am.

Seriously, though, thank you all so much for your support (of any kind).