Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey everybody, the new movies are located below.  Just some quick updates:

The book cover is nearing completion!  I mentioned it on Facebook, but I decided to go with Illustrator for the cover, for time-efficiency but also because my stuff looks really different in Manga Studio (not necessarily worse, though), and I didn't want the cover to clash with the interior artwork too much.  Once the cover is finished, I'm going to write up a brief forward for the book and put it up on Blurb for purchase.  How cool is that?!  I'll definitely link right to it on the site here when it's good to go.

Also, Manga Studio commented on my status update on Facebook, which is both pretty cool and a little creepy.

The movies will be wrapping up in a couple weeks, and then it's on to Chapter 3!  I've penciled out the first few strips, and I'm still planning on drawing them in MS.  Well, maybe not the very first one.  You'll see why.  Let's just say that you know how I changed up the art style when the guys were playing Lairs and Lizards, and in Raine's origin flashback, and I use photographic backgrounds to represent the holographic environments in the Dangerous Room?  I don't want there to be an art-style change without a reason, and there is going to be a reason.

One of the issues I'm running into with MS is, while it's supremely better to "hand-draw" with than Photoshop or Illustrator, something is still lost in the transition from tablet to monitor.  What I really need is a Cintiq, so I can draw right on the surface of what I'm looking at.  So, if somebody wants to buy me one, the one I'd need is only about a thousand dollars.

Plans are taking formation for my exodus from society.  It won't happen as soon as I'd like, but ideally, I want to be out after Rinoa finishes kindergarten, in a year.  After the end of this month I won't have a cell phone anymore; you'll have to e-mail me to get a hold of me or hit me up in some onther fashion on the interweb.  In the near future, I'm considering ditching Facebook, for realz this time.  I may stay on Twitter (and I'll be forced to stay on Google+ if I want to keep this comic going), so you may to have to follow me on one of those if you want to keep updated on the comic.

Anyhoo, you're watching the movies, right?  I don't think I'll be doing movies for Chapter 3 and beyond; my hope was that I could drum up a YouTube audience, but they've produced little results.  But I've enjoyed making them, and I hope you've enjoyed watching them.