Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dynasty: Part 5

El Clicko

Whoa, hey, this one got kind of serious!  Whoops!  It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I just have to put the humor aside to tell the story.  Real soon here I'm going to have to bring on the funny, or people are going to think they're reading the wrong comic.  Might not happen next week though, because I still have to bring us back to the present, where Aiden has just been killed by Rex Ruthless, Justice is captured, and Raine, Daemon and Hydro are taking a serious beating from Trash, Spaz and Bobby Rocket.

Truth be told, it was my intention all along to draw you in with a false atmosphere of whimsy, only to bombard you with PLOT.

Big things happening at Super U. on Tuesday!  Hope to see you back!