Thursday, September 26, 2013


I think I flexed all of my blogging muscles on Tuesday, so not much to report today.  I tried some different light and shadow effects on this one, some of which I think turned out pretty rad.  The problem with effects such as these is it's hard to know when to stop.  

I saw some debate on Twitter about Grand Theft Auto, particularly about how it fails to be a satire.  It's "satirical" sexist atmosphere, for example, ends up just being plain sexist.  While at times I think I agree, I wouldn't call GTA a satire at all.  I'd call it a parody, just like my comic tends to be.  To me, satire implies an underlying intelligence behind the piece, and is more subtle.  Parody can be blatant, and silly or stupid, like comparing Superman with SuperDude.  I love satire, and while I'm capable of writing it, I think, a bi- or tri-weekly humorous webcomic is served better by parody, I think.

When I've been marketing Super U. lately though, I've been calling it a "superhero comedy webcomic," not a "superhero parody webcomic"... another sign that just maybe, some day, when I've caught you all in my little trap, you'll suddenly realize that you've been reading simply just a "superhero webcomic" all along.