Thursday, October 31, 2013


Welcome to the 100th strip of Super U.!  Super U. has been going on for very nearly two years already.  Can you believe it?  It has been a road long and difficult, and yet thoroughly enjoyable and has gone by in a blur.  I know those things are opposites.  They're still true.

Also, Happy Halloween.  I thought I would do something a little different today, for the occasion(s).  I've stepped outside the plot for a moment to show off my new villain for this chapter, Technosyde.  I thank my friend Jason for doing most of the footwork on his creation (Technosyde has already been featured in a couple Saturday Super Stories).  I've been trying to piece together a quirky personality for him in my brain for some time now, and I like what I've come up with.  I'm anxious to show more of him to you.  You'll just have to wait to see what the hell's up with that purple toaster.

Also, man, them panels look pretty sharp, right?  Shading is fun.  It makes the strip take significantly longer, when I'm trying to shorten the length of time I spend on each comic, but it's so worth it.

For the last couple strips I haven't been drawing in a Hangout.  Sorry.  Hopefully next week I'll be doing that again.

There are lots of you who've been reading since the beginning 2 years ago, and I want to take a moment again to thank you.  This wouldn't be going on without your support.
But we still have lots of work to do.  Don't forget, just because I'm not on Facebook anymore doesn't mean you are prohibited from sharing the comic on Facebook, or anywhere else for that matter.

Also, in celebration of the 100th strip, why not buy a metric ton of merchandise?  I have provided you ample opportunities right here on the site to do so.  There people who have already purchased one or many items from the shop or bookstore, and it's an inarguable fact that those people are just really a lot cooler than other people.