Thursday, January 9, 2014

Together Again

And there you have it!  The (dramatic?) conclusion of Chapter 3!  I'm happy with how it turned out.  I'm pleased with where the art went this chapter.  It feels a bit more natural, closer to my "style."  Plus, I was able to inch closer toward the meat and potatoes of the story that I want to tell, and I think I still managed to insert a lot of humor, so bonus.

So, after this, I'm back on hiatus.  Aside from the things I mentioned before I want to work on concerning the comic / site / merchandise, I'm also taking some time to look into online college degrees.  In what, you may ask?  Well, I'm trying to locate a degree in Forestry, actually, but I'm finding it impossible to find that specific degree to be offered online, which makes sense, because it's hard to learn about forests when you're sitting at a computer.  Barring that, a degree in Conservation would make sense, but I'm running into the same problems there.  Right now the best I can find is an online degree in Environmental Science, which sounds good, but they seem to have a heavy focus on green technology, and while I'm all for going green, it's not what I'm going for.  If anyone reading has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Why a degree in Forestry, you ask?  Well, so I can spend as much time as possible in forests, and in contact with as few humans and as little technology as possible, silly.

I anticipate this hiatus to be short, but once again I have to do some soul-searching and ask myself if it's worth continuing the comic.  I love to draw comics, and I love these characters, but I have to measure the time and money I put into this endeavor against the regular audience I attract from it, and that regular audience remains primarily in the single digits three years later.  It's tough, man.  The internet is tough.  Breaking into webcomics is especially so.

As always, though, to my readers who have remained faithful, I'm doing this as much for you as I am for me, and thank you many times over for continuing to be interested in my stuff.  I'll be back soon.


P.S. And on a completely unrelated note, go play The Last of Us.  It gets your nerves the way Resident Evil did the first time you played it, and it tells a compelling story to boot, albeit a sad one that I just do not see ending well.  Still, it's gorgeous, plays well, and is easily one of the best games every made.
P.S.S. Thanks for the Amazon gift card for Christmas, mom.