Thursday, May 15, 2014

War Games - Part 6

Alternate Title:  Now Stop, Then Wiggle Wiggle Wit It

You can always expect satire from Super U. that stimulates you intellecutally, such as the gem above.

Super U. can't go on without your support, so please take a moment to check out the book I have for sale, and the merch as well.  The merch is dirt-cheap, guys.  As always, if there's some merch you'd consider purchasing but isn't available, let me know and I can probably whip it up for you.
When Chapter 4 wraps up, I'll be compiling a new book for sale.

To be honest, it's been awful quiet 'round these parts lately.  I have to seriously consider whether or not I should continue the comic after this chapter.  That's not, like, a threat, that's real talk.  I love making comics.  I want to do it all the time.  But there's only so much I can do to promote the comic on my end.  I need your help!  I need you guys to tweet it, share it on Facebook... whatever helps.
Ideas for how I can improve the comic or my online presence?  I'm listening.  I'm not looking to get rich from drawing webcomics, guys.  I just want your eyeballs.