Tuesday, June 10, 2014

War Games - Part 13

And here it is!  Sorry about the tardiness.  I'm super-happy with the way it turned out, though.  I wanted some dynamic combat shots, but because I'm rusty as hell in that area, I dipped into my collection of Udon Street Fighter comics for some inspiration.  The story in those is as limp as one might expect from a comic based off of a fighting video game, but the art is top-notch, and the combat... oh, the combat...

Aaaand because I'm a day behind on things, I'm not expecting to get all of Thursday's drawn in one go.  It's likely I'll be working on it some tomorrow and finishing it on Thursday, so I'll be posting it later than usual again.

Tune in Thursday night to get a glimpse into Raine's somewhat twisted mind, and very likely more of Aiden getting his ass kicked!