Thursday, June 19, 2014

War Games - Part 16

Due to time constraints, you won't be seeing what happens between this strip and the next, but
it involves a musical montage where Aiden Mickey Mouse-walks back down the hall, flag tucked under his arm, smiling broadly as he passes the still-stuck and infuriated Raine, while the song croons "everything's going my way."

There's only three more strips until the end of Chapter 4!  So that's two next week, and one on Tuesday the week after that.  Then, the following Thursday, I'll post the (probably) last Walters File!  Of whom, you ask?  Actually, that's a surprise!

Remember I'm going on hiatus after Chapter 4 to focus on creating the next book and some new merch (and so I can stop totally neglecting my kid for two days a week while she's on summer break).
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One last thing, during the hiatus, it'll be a really good time for you guys to send commissions my way.  If anyone's interested, I can set up a payment box right here on the site.