Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Would you believe I'm still playing Skyrim?  My tiger-ninja, who should now be referred to as my tiger-ninja-mage-bard-former werewolf, while only being one level away from max, is now the leader of every conceivable group in the game that I'm aware of.  I hope this comes into play when you face off against big-bad dragon at the end (if that is the end, I don't really know).  "Hey, Alduin, evilest of dragons!  I hope you don't mind, but I brought some friends along."  Yeah, I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.  After all that work, though, if you can only keep one follower along at a time, I'll be kind of pissed.  Maybe you can cross-train them?  Like, have a werewolf-mage-assassin following you around, backstabbing bandits, cooking them with a fireball spell, and then eating them?  Too much to hope for?  Yeah, probably.

I drew a picture today at the Chick-Fil-A of a cow wearing a chicken suit, looking disgruntled, with a sign around his neck that says, "Eat Me."  I left it on the counter.  I hope they appreciate it.

Today's strip is another one dealing with the students being assigned their rooms, and subsequently, their roommates.  I hope you're all not being inundated with too many new faces.  I promise you you've met all the central characters already, at least as far as the students go.  But being that, at any given moment, there are at least a hundred and fourteen characters floating around in my head, it's difficult for me to not use this as an outlet to give some of them a home.

The site's up to nine followers now, which is awesome, because that means that I have more followers than I have done strips.  Let's keep this trend going!  I hate promoting myself, but in order to make something of this, it's a necessary evil.  So please share with your friends on Facebook, even if you are embarrassed by the content.  If questioned, tell them you must have been hacked.


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P.S.  Cripes, sorry about the funky text thing going on.  I guess that's what you get when you cut-and-paste stuff here.