Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Sum'n Sum'n...

It wasn't just the insanity of the holidays that kept me from getting a strip out this week (and by that I mostly mean all the work I was picking up), but I have so far been infuriatingly unsuccessful in installing Illustrator onto the new computer Jenny and I bought for each other as our Christmas present to one another.  Thus far I've been doing all the work on our old laptop, which is quickly deteriorating into a paper weight.  I'm not complaining or ungrateful... the laptop was given to us in a great time of need by a good friend, and it's gotten us this far.  But it needs to be said that, after a year or so of using this laptop, that there are, among other issues, actually buttons now missing from the keyboard, and it's become increasingly difficult to work with.

But anyway.  So, a funny Skyrim story.  My tiger-ninja-bard-mage-former werewolf helped the "rebels" invade a major city.  Outside this city, as with many of these cities, is a stable, with stable-workers.  During the raid, one of these stable workers was buried half in the ground for no apparent reason.  I shrugged it off and continued to raid the city (a city which, I should add, I lived in, was a hero in, was buddies with the lord in, and where my bodyguard was from, who also helped me raid the city).  
Later, I was asked to go and steal an item from the stable hand.  When I returned, he was still half-buried, but also he was standing beside himself.  I wasn't sure one to steal from.  I realized the game compensated for the dude being stuck in the ground and made a new one of him, but failed completely to remove the old one.
The last time I visited him, there were six of him, all standing around looking very confused, with the one still stuck in the ground.  
I'm anxious to see just how far this glitch will go.

So, for this week, I'm just going to post the final concept drawings I did of the students and the faculty of Super U.  I know it's a cop-out, and I'm sorry.  I'm working diligently to get software on my new CPU that will not only let me draw pretty pictures, but will trace my hand-drawn pictures and transform them into vector art, which will mean (I hope) a drastic improvement in the art style of the strip, at the same time making it faster and easier for me to create them.  
In the mean time, I hope you like the sketches.  I did them at work.  Sorry about the shitty quality of the images.  It wasn't easy getting them here.

Happy New Year!  Here's to hoping it sucks much less balls than 2011.