Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Unhealthy Infatuation

Christmas is over!  Praise your respective deities!  For me, Christmas turned out to be only marginally as terrible as my stress levels were leading me to believe it would be.  Of course, for me, Christmas still continues, in a way, because at my actual job I'm currently undergoing the busiest week of the year.  So for all of you who've been trying to get a hold of me... sorry!  After this week all the tourists will go home, and I'll find myself scraping to make ends meet once again.

I'm plotting that next year, I'm going to take the family out of town for Christmas.  Perhaps to another continent.

Skyrim Update:  Yes, I'm still playing it.  At this point I know I could have beaten the game ages ago, but being that it's my only source of escape currently, I'm beating an undead horse.  My tiger-ninja-bard-wizard-former werewolf is so unfairly tough at this point, he can take down a dragon with a couple of arrows.  Not even especially good arrows.  I had him get married, and I make my virtual wife follow me everywhere, decked out in demonic armor and the strongest two-handed battleaxe in the game.  She seems rather content in her interspecies-relationship to share in the totally unbalanced havoc my character induces.

I decided not to include it in the strips, mostly because I couldn't make a good joke out of it, but Aiden and Daemon are roommates, and have become fast friends.  This will be important later.  Maybe.  And in today's strip we see Aiden has fallen head-over-heels for the dangerous and anti-social Raine.

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