Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Distinct Advantage

Probably you've already noticed, but Super U. actually has a plot.  Possibly even a serious one.  There is more than meets the eye to some of these characters, beyond the jokes.

And time is progressing.  The strips so far have all taken place on the first day of school or before, and most of them have represented the students' experiences from one class to the next.
Yes, that means I've made my fictional characters a class schedule.  Soon I'll probably even do a seating chart.  I've even spent time considering who would sit in the front of the class, and who would sit in the back, and so on. 

These are the sorts of things I do for fun.

The point is, we've now arrived at the last class of the day, Combat Education, and I must say I've been looking forward to this part for a while.  The strips may take on a slightly more serious tone, at least temporarily.  Sure, I'll try to inject humor when I can, but looking past the blood and boobs, you might find that many of these characters have a story to share.

I bring this up because I'd like some feedback.  The story of Super U. can be spun in a couple different ways, and some of the next strips are going to be a little experimental.
I want to know if you're digging it, or if we should just stick solely with the funny.

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