Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Guh.  It's finished.

I think you'll see why I was fretting I wouldn't get the strip done for this week.  On top of tasking myself with this daunting challenge, I also have been having a surprisingly unwelcome battle with carpal tunnel, brought on by the fast-paced drawing of my regular job.

Oh, and I had eye surgery, too.  There were more holes in my eyes.  Can't forget that.

But lo and behold, at the literal final hour, I finished it, and now I present Strip #21 to you.

Jason and I are kicking around some ideas.  He has some stories he wants to write and he is considering doing a Saturday update to the site every week.  These would most likely be background stories, particularly for the instructors of Super U., back before they were old and were on teams of their own.

I'll keep you posted.