Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time FAIL: A Brief Back-Story

Time Lass is a character, like a couple others, that I probably should have introduced before the Combat Education segment started.  Luckily, she's a time-traveler.  It was Jason's idea to have her have the ability to break the fourth wall, and I quite like it.  The concept of this strip, in fact, was his.

Another character I'd wanted to introduce beforehand is Scumbag, whom you may remember is on Aiden's team.  I mentioned him in the blog before.  I wanted to establish him as one of the "outcasts" of the school, along with Aiden, Daemon and Shanna / ShitKicker.

But the current story is your real introduction to the entire student body.  I think you've met all or the vast majority of the instructors and staff, too, and Combat Education is the last class of the day, so from this point on I declare the "Introduction to Super U." portion complete and can move on to... well, wherever the story takes me, I guess.  So that's exciting.

Jason hasn't gotten back to me about the posting of the Saturday Stories yet.  He pitched the idea, and I provided some feedback via our super-secret message forums, and the conversation appears to have died there.  

Possibly he's salty. 

Either way, I figured if I called him out on the blog he'd feel more obligated to respond, so... I'm calling you out, Sonny Jim!

By the way, big-ups to those of you helping me support the strip.  There are a few of you who share it on Facebook when they see it, and I appreciate that.  As with many illustrators, the dream is to be able to do a comic like this all the time, and you can all help me to make that happen by spreading the word and showing your support.


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