Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Gears are turning... and the plan is to start the Super Saturday Stories (which is what I will call them until Jason comes up with something better) with the 25th strip,which is in two weeks from now.

So, I'm playing through Dragon Age 2 for the fourth time.  Sad, right?  I know.  The game doesn't even need more than two play-throughs, though I find myself still sorely lacking in the new video game department, and I seem to have narrowly and repeatedly missed getting my platinum trophy.  I don't even want to play it anymore.  It's some kind of compulsion now.

On the other hand, I've been inspired of late to run a Dragon Age "tabletop game" in the world of Thedas, and by "tabletop game" I mean in an online forum that will probably have next to no rules, characters sheets or dice-usage.  Any takers?  Players will be given a rudimentary origin based off the race and class they take, much like the first game, and it will likely begin after the end of the Blight.  Jason's in, even if he doesn't want to be.

Anyone played Kingdoms of Amalur?  Worth my money?

Hey, is there anybody out there who wants to pay me $40,000 a year or so to do this strip?  Can't hurt to ask, right?

Anyway, please share / like / join, and thanks.


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