Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Just a fair warning... I'll be picking up a lot of actual work in the next couple weeks.  I'll also be relocating to a new apartment, and there is much packing and sorting and throwing away of things to be done.  I'll do my best not to let the strip suffer, but I thought I had better state this now in the event that a strip or two ends up late, or looks a bit rushed.  I did manage to pencil next week's strip already in anticipation of how hectic things will be around here in the near future.

Next week will be the 25th strip, and to mark the event, the following Saturday we will be starting Super Saturday Stories, which Jason has dubbed the SATURDAY SUPER STORIES.  I like that name better.
These stories will focus on the blogs of Black Sapphire, a secret protege of Mr. Walters, the former Dark Avenger, outside of Super U.  Through these stories we will learn along with Black Sapphire about the past of the Super U-niverse, when the washed-up faculty of today were the Earth's protectors, and maybe some behind-the-scenes and side events as well.  Jason will be writing these stories, and I will be editing them and adding commas and shit (because I have a thing for commas) and we'll be putting one up every Saturday. 

I've gone back on the South Beach diet again, so I can lose 40 lbs. that I can immediately gain back when I go off the South Beach diet.  It's day two, and I could already murder someone over a potato.

Commentary on the current set of strips:  I'm having too much fun raiding Google images for jungle backgrounds during this Dangerous Room segment.  I like the realism of the hologram environments juxtaposed with the sad, simple backgrounds that I draw when they're in the "real world."  The fact that the holograms looks so much better amuses me. 
You may have seen on previous strips that I occasionally just insert a real image like a poster on a wall or a lunch tray.  I actually do this because I'm still experimenting to find ways to make Super U. unique among the veritable plethora of webcomics available on the web.  I can't tell if it's working yet, but I've had fun with it, and in the end that's what it's all about, right?

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