Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, yay!  I saw the Avengers.  It was pretty bad-ass, of course.  I won't spoil anything by telling you that there's one scene during the big combat sequence toward the end where they pan from one Avenger to the next, all fighting in their own fashion, some of them even doing team-up techniques, that is utter Geek Nirvana.  Nothing has come closer to emulating a comic book in a movie than that scene.  
There's probably nothing else I can tell you about it that you haven't already heard...

Although, here's something neat.  You know how all these flicks have that stuff after the credits?  This does, too, and there's a villain cameo.
I won't say who it is, but I'll tell you who the actor is.  Remember the final (un-aired) episode of Firefly?  That awesome bounty hunter?  Him.  Cool, right?

Getting settled in nicely in the new place.  The neighbors already hate us, but that's nothing new.  

I have to say that I'm extremely lucky and thankful to have the wife that I do.  Not only did she decide it would be cool to do the living room up in a comic book theme, and this was her idea, not mine, but she wants to find a way to make part of the wall look like a page out of a comic, panels and all.
I have to think that most geeks aren't as lucky as that.  I imagine most married geeks are lucky to even be able to hang an X-Men poster or two in their garage.

So, this week's strip isn't as funny as it should be, but it was needed as a lead-in to a great couple of strips I have coming up for you.  Some of them are going to be a lot of work, but I'm quite excited about them.

Slowly but surely, Super U. is growing, and I just want to say thanks.

Please continue to share / like / and join, and send me some feedback, too.  Lemme know what you'd like to see in upcoming strips (I know, Miah... side-boob).  I have lots of ideas, but I could always use more.


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