Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Walters Files

Phew!  So, yeah, kind of late getting this one out.  But it is still Wednesday, dammit!  I suppose I should apologize to my readers who I know will be upset by this strip.  But to those people, I recommend you read All-Star Batman and Robin.  I think that's what it was called.  The comics awesomely drawn by Jim Lee and written by... Frank Miller.  Frank Miller, who had so much potential, long ago, and then he got famous, and full of himself, and forgot how to write a good story.  Or maybe he didn't, and just stopped caring.  Anyway, go read that.  Just a page or two is all you'll need, really.  Then stomp on it and burn it.  Because even Jim Lee's art couldn't save that crap.  Anyway, afterward, you'll understand this strip better, and maybe you won't be mad at me.

This week has been nuts with moving into my new place a block down from my old place.  My new place is dope, by the way.  I hope we can afford it!

I'd actually had another strip in mind this week, but I never managed to get the last panel conceived.  This "Walters Files" thing, though, is something that I've had up my sleeve for a while.  It was actually something used in the RPG I ran that much of Super U. is based off of, and I think Jason was the one that said I should actually create the files Walters keeps on the students.  So I'd already had Aiden's file mostly done. I'd like to dip further into these things.  I don't think they'll occupy any more of the strips (maybe), but I do think it would be cool to feature them somewhere on the website.  A sort of "get to know the characters" section, as seen through Walters' eyes.  This wouldn't work so well on Blogspot, but perhaps, if Super U. ever starts to become something, I can convince one of my smarty-pants programmer friends to make a real website for me.

Then I can really wwebsite as on the internet.

Everyone says Avengers is amazing.  Everyone.  I am sure it is.  How can it not be?  I will be seeing it in a few days.  So shut up about it already!  But seriously, kudos to Marvel, and Hollywood in general for finally giving Joss Whedon a chance like this.

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