Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shrimp Temporal

Got the new tablet, and so far it's a bust.  The mouse doesn't work at all unless you only plan on right-clicking, the software that came with it is incompatible with Windows 7, and the pen, while great for precision-drawing, is a pain in the ass for anything else.  I think it's possible there was a problem in the installation somewhere; I've had this poor pen response issue before.  Or maybe I just need to get used to constantly switching between mouse and pen, I don't know.  I wish I could trade my left hand for another right one.

I bought myself some Father's Day gifts at the Penny Arcade store.  Three shirts.  I hope that wearing them in public will initiate dialogue with like-minded individuals, because it would be awesome to have friends again.

There are five more weeks / strips before I refocus my efforts on updating the format of the strips and (...sigh...) marketing.  During that time, I hope that some of you can at least enjoy getting refreshed with the series.  I know it amuses me, sometimes, to go back to the beginning and look at how in just 34 strips the comic has evolved quite a bit.

*Shrimp not included.