Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Here's strip #39, the last strip of the first chapter.  Today Super U. celebrates its 40-week anniversary.  I want to take the time again to thank all of you who are still reading the comic, and for your efforts in helping me to spread the word about this silly little thing I do every week.

Growing up I started a lot of projects like this.  But this is the first time, really, that I've completed one.  And that feels pretty good.  Sure, back in Junior High I made a few Raine and friends comic books, but they were all like 8 pages long.  At least if I compiled Super U. so far into a book, I could get a good 13 pages out of it.  So... that's an improvement.

Next week I'll send out the first two animatics.  Don't forget, if you've got a YouTube or Google account you can subscribe to the Super U. YouTube channel (you can join this site too hint hint), and same as always, please help me share those links on your social networking sites of choice.

Depending on how fast I get the ball rolling, maybe I'll be able to put up more than just two every week.  They don't take me too long to make, at the moment; the length of the hiatus depends more on how quickly I can get established on those other sites and to explore a new format and yadda yadda yadda... we've been over this.

Decided to go with Playstation Plus, which is a membership you pay for that gives you a lot of rewards for doing so.  Back in the day I didn't think it was all that worth it at the time, but now there's a lot of good "free" games that are worth entirely more than the subscription fee.

Like Gotham City Impostors.  I'm actually enjoying it, despite the fact that it's a multiplayer game and all you do, really, is shoot each other a lot.  The aspect of having crude "Bat-gadgets" really changes to the dynamic.  But the part that I especially appreciate is that, unlike, say, Call of Duty, a lot of the stress of trying to stay alive is gone.  Why?  Because everybody is dying all the time.  Even the people who are a lot better than you.  Half the time, when you get killed, and your screen shows you the person who did it, and their character is gloating, they get shot in the back mid-sentence.  "Ha ha ha!  You're a waste of bullets, you - - GAAAH!"  It's hilarious.  Also, I have yet to kill a single teammate so far.  Maybe the friendly-fire damage is toned down, or it doesn't exist, I'm not sure, but that's my kind of shooter: when you're not so confused that you're embarrassing yourself by killing your buddies all the time.

So... stay tuned for Chapter 2, and in the meantime enjoy some musical comic strips.

Thanks again,

This "Dangerous Room" story arc was fun, but man, it took like 20 weeks to get through!  I can't wait to get back to the stupid!