Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On "Hiatus"

I'm sure I've beaten it into your skulls already... Super U. is currently between chapters, but it's far from inactive.

Check Facebook for the first two animatics, or better yet, head to that new link above and subscribe to the Super U. YouTube Channel.  I hope you have as much fun revisiting Chapter One as I did making these silly little movies.
If the movies are well-received, I'm still considering changing the format of the comic to accomodate better animatics (while still having a "strip version" as well), but that depends on you guys.

Also during the hiatus, you just may receive some special surprises... namely, guest artists!  I'm keeping this one close to the vest for the moment, but stay tuned.  And if you are an artist, or even if you aren't, and you want to do some artwork for the site, or maybe even draw a strip (I can write words for it) contact me in some fashion and maybe we can do a little somethin' somethin'. 

I submitted Super U. to Comic Genesis and am awaiting approval.  I tried to submit it to Drunk Duck, but man, that site is broken, broken, broken.  They acted like it was my fault, too.  They said it was my Django logic.  I don't know what my Django is, but I'm pretty sure I've never played with it. 

On a completely unrelated note, I have to take back a statement I made last week.  It's about the Chick-Fil-A thing, and I'll be as brief as possible because we've all talked this one to death.  But my general standpoint had been to just tell everyone to shut up about it.  I felt that Cathy had the right to say what he said, especially where he said it, and I blame the media for blowing it up.  But that was before the Chick-Fil-A "Appreciation Day."  Now basically I'm of the opinion that "Fuck those guys, and fuck those people who went out there to support them."  That wasn't a show of support for a company.  That was a show of support of hatred. 

I'll leave it at that.