Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hiatus Strikes Back

Change of plan.

I don't remember if I told you about my difficulty in getting on the DrunkDuck webcomic hosting site last week, but if I didn't, I had difficulty.  That site was just broken.
So I decided on Comic Genesis, which was the one that's owned by KeenSpot.  And after a short wait, Super U. got accepted.  Yay!  Then, after a series of creating multiple accouts and passwords and getting more approvals and mandatory wikipedia-diving and trying to make friends with their 11-year-old site design, I came to decide they are not at all what I'd hoped they'd be.  So, not yay.

So now I'm going with my third option, another webcomic hosting site called Interrupted Reality, and so far I'm liking them much better already.  For one, they've already approved me and sent me everything I need to get started.  Interrupted Reality is smaller, so I'll have the benefit of being found on it easier, the downside being there's less people on it to find me.  I'll keep you posted.

Hark!  I put not two, but FOUR new movies on the YouTube channel!  Check out that link up there! 
Now that some ideas are being weaved together for Chapter 2, I feel more confident in shortening the hiatus and adding more than 2 movies in a week.  At least for this week, anyway.

Also, guest artist #1 has begun work on a pin-up piece, and a second guest artist has given me a pseudo-commitment to do an actual strip during the hiatus!  I can't tell you how goofily happy it makes me to see other talented people drawing my characters.