Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Son of The Hiatus

Super U. is now (rather pathetically) a part of the Interrupted Reality webcomic community.  I say rather pathetically because thus far the site is basically a showcase of my internet ineptitude.  Putting together website is never, ever as black-and-white as they make it out to be, even when you're offered a template and all the tools needed to do so.
This site will be irrelevant to most of you, but you can click here to check out the new site. 

In time, (I hope) the site will be the main one, where guest art will be featured, bios of all the characters will be available, donations can be made, books can be sold, etc...

Speaking of guest art, I may have potentially enlisted another spectacular artist to work on things during the hiatus.  And wheels have begun to turn for a third...

Also, there are four more animatics available on the Super U. YouTube Channel!  Please help me out by sharing any or all of my sites with your unsuspecting friends.