Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Mason Wimmer

I'm super-psyched to bring you the first-ever piece of Super U. guest artwork!  And here it is!

Mason is an old friend of mine from highschool and has been following the strip since the beginning.  We used to draw some crazy collaborations back in the day, and I hit him up out of the blue when I started the hiatus to see if he still draws.  He does!  I've always admired his style, and I think he was nearly as glad to have the opportunity to dust off his drawing skills as I was getting him to draw this!  As a matter of fact he's already mentioned another drawing in the near future...

As I mentioned before, another very talented artist friend of mine is likely doing a strip for the hiatus.  I wrote it, and I'm leaving the rest in his highly-capable hands.

Sorry there was no Saturday Super Story this last weekend, either.  You can get on Jason about that.  I was bummed not to have one, but the guy's got some well-needed good things going on in his life right now, and I'm not about to hound him over a short story.

There are two more movies posted on the Super U. YouTube Channel!  Check them out, yo.  And be sure to show Mason some love.