Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Death of the Hiatus!

I just finished posting the last of Chapter 1's strips on YouTube, so that means that next week I'll start posting Chapter 2's strips here!

I'm going to be trying a lot of new things (at least for the first part of the chapter).  I already mentioned some hand-drawn stuff (on real paper!), but there'll probably also be some (...sigh...) Photoshopping involved as well.  That is, if I can remember what the hell I'm doing. 

Pretty much every webcomic out there is produced with Photoshop.  Pretty much anything forever is produced with Photoshop.  All hail Photopshop.  I think I may be the last person in the world who still uses Illustrator.  While I'm not making any decisions to continue the strips solely using Photoshop (in part because I despise it), I do need to brush up on my skills if I'm ever going to be considered a relevant professional artist.
Anyway, let's not go down that road again.  This is a joyous occasion! 

I hope you've liked the strips in YouTube-form.  Really, Chapter 1 was practice, because Chapter 2 is going to be tackled in a much different way.  Rather than looking at a strip as a whole, I'm working on each panel individually as if it were a seperate entity.  I'll compile them into a strip for this site, but what this will allow me to do is, when I get to the point Chapter 2 is ready for YouTube, I can showcase each panel seperately, and actually make an actual animatic, and not just a pan of a strip!  Neat-o!

Anyway, I hope you're looking forward to Chapter 2 as much as I am.  Thank you all for reading Super U.  Your support means everything to me.