Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Staff Infection

Doing a little better this week.  Got out this weekend to Bok Tower, which is about an hour from my apartment.  And my wife ran across this incredible thing that we are planning to make a whole weekend out of during their "Hatsume Fair," which I gather is some sort of spring festival.  We had no idea such a place existed in Florida, let alone only a few hours from here.  Knowing there are things like this outside of Tourist Hell, Florida is helping me to come to terms with the reality that I may be living here for the next third of a century or so.   It's nice to have something to look forward to.

A short strip this week.  I had some ideas where I would introduce Dean Clobber, Disciplinary Head, in the third panel, and I wanted to give him a ridiculous "It's Clobberin' Time!"-esque catchphrase, but I drew a blank.  But, nevertheless, I like how it came out.

I think once I hit the end of Chapter One on the "official site" I'm going to ditch Interrupted Reality.  It looked promising at first, but it has yet to bear fruit.  I still plan on, after the end of Chapter Two here in another 23 strips or so, taking another hiatus to YouTube-ify the Chapter, with the goal of 2 movies a week, I think.  Maybe I'll spread them out to trick myself into thinking the sites are getting more attention than they truly are.

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