Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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For a recently unemployed person, I was pretty busy yesterday.  As you probably noticed, the site got a new re-design.  Unless you're new to the site, which is a big possibility.  In that case, hello!  Welcome, and thank you for visiting my webcomic.  I hope there are things that you like here.  Please visit The Archive to get acquainted with the students and faculty of Super U.  Hit us up on Facebook.  The Super U-Tube channel.  Whatevs.

Also, Super U. is now being advertised through Project Wonderful, who, if you don't know, is an advertising group that does a lot of their work in the field of webcomics.  Which means I had to make a lot of ads.  Here, I'll show some of them to you.

Here are couple of the "Safe For Work" Ads.

And also a couple of the, ha, "Not Safe For Work" Ads.

I put a relatively small amount of money into advertising for starters, but I didn't expect to find that, after less than 24 hours, 6% of that money would have already been spent.  I'm advertising, for now, on some relatively low-traffic sites.  But I cannot complain about that.  As of the time of this writing, the ads have already been viewed 2,281 times, and they brought 10 new people to the site.  Pretty cool.

Also, I made the comic.  With all the work I'd been doing on polishing up the site and putting together the campaign, I nearly didn't get the actual strip done.  Despite the fact I never wrote any dialogue for it, I'm happy with it anyway, and I think it works.

But that brings me the biggest change of all: Starting next week, Super U. strips are going bi-weekly, to be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
With this change may very well come a change in the format of the strips.  I have a lot of experimenting to do to see what works for me.

I'd appreciate some feedback on all the, you know, stuff.  And again, if you're new to the site, thanks for coming.  And also if you're old to the site.  You guys are awesome.